what are contents of complete specification of patent

what are contents of complete specification of patent

Complete Specification of patent 

Submission of complete specification is necessary to obtain a patent. A patent specification discloses the details of the invention for which the patent protection is sought. The legal rights in a patent are based on the disclosures made in the specification.

The complete specification has following elements:

  • Title of Invention

  • Field of Invention

  • Background

  • Summary of Invention

  • Brief description of drawings

  • Description of invention

  • Examples if any

  • Specific embodiments if any

  • Abstract

  • Claims

  • Drawing / diagram / flow-chart

You can check some granted patents from website of Indian patent office by clicking link here http://ipindiaonline.gov.in/patentsearch/Search/index.aspx

Types of Patent Application:

There are different types of patent application that can be files based on timing, desired territory for protection and number of inventions. 

  • Ordinary Application

  • Application for Patent of Addition (granted for Improvement or Modification of the already patented invention, for an unexpired term of the main patent)

  • Divisional Application (in case of plurality of inventions disclosed in the main application)

  • Convention application, claiming priority date on the basis of filing in Convention Countries

  • National Phase Application under PCT 

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