shall I apply for patent in india on my name? or on my company name

shall I apply for patent in India on my name? or on my company name


If you are an employee working for an organization, company or institute then possibility is you have an agreement where all the intellectual property generated during your tenure of employment will be on the name of that organization, company or institute. 

If you have not signed such agreement, then you can apply for patent in India as an individual (natural person) and can own the patent on you name.

On the other hand,

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur and inventor and trying to find whether to take patent on your name or your company’s name then below are points you should consider:

The fees structure and cost for applying and maintaining patent:

It costs more to own and maintain patent as a legal entity than as an individual (natural person) generally it is 4 time more.

No Description
Other than Natural person Natural Person
Small Entity Other than small entity
1 Application for grant of patent 4000 8000 1600
2 Early publication fee 6250 12500 2500
3 Request for examination of patent application 10000 20000 4000
4 For every Extra sheet over 30 sheets 400/sheet 800/sheet 160/sheet
5 For every Extra claim over 10 claims 800/claim 1600/claim 320/claim


 Consider the point of view of people Investing in your invention

 If you have an investor funding for your business then the investor would always want the patent on companies name than you name. Even if the inventor enters at the later stage in your business by funding your company still they can ask to transfer the patent rights on company name if they are owned by you.

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