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Patent agents are one of highly paid professionals

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as a career continues to pull lot of attention and aspiration from young graduates. and here is the good news if you are a patent agent or you are willing to become one...

In accordance with the research conducted by Payscale recently, The patent agent is at number 4 among top 100 most rewarding careers in USA when it comes to salaries and job satisfaction. The points that are being observed are:

  • Personal satisfaction in the job as a patent agent    : A
  • Benefit to society and sense of contribution             : A
  • Low stress level at work                                               : A

as per the source of the news mentioned above,

the salary range for a patent agent is as below in USA

  • Median pay: $126,000
  • Top pay: $182,000
  • 10-year job growth: 13%

Main responsibilities handled by a Patent agent:

In shot, The patent agent looks at the inventions does related research and decide whether they should be patented or not based on prior part found. patent agent also prepares the documents required for filing patent application to the patent office and represents inventor for all communications happening with controller or patent office.

The main advantage of working as a patent agent in any country is you get to see most cutting edge technologies and information in the word, since you are working with inventors who are seeking protection for their invention in the form of patent. Patent agent deals with checking patentability criteria of the invention disclosure, and informs inventor about closest prior art found in the search conducted.

Patent agent add a lot of value to the patent application when it comes to writing claims to secure broadest possible protection to the invention. to read more about this check patent in india platform.

So, congratulations and all the best patent agents !!!